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The apex of the Great Crusade was fast approaching. The costly Rangdan Xenocides has come to an end, leaving the Galactic North to fall into the Imperium’s hands in due time. Victory after victory suggested the Emperor’s vision of a united galaxy under humanity’s rule was no longer a question of if, but when.

It is in this final phase that the monstrous Orks of Ullanor surged forth to threaten the Imperium’s very heart in Segmentum Solar. Warp storms that had provided a check had faded away, allowing the greenskins to pool their strength against outsiders.

As virulent as this new assault was, the Emperor called for the greatest of his Sons and generals to join him in purging this threat.

That would be the last anyone would have seen of him.

At some point in transit to the Ullanor front lines, the Emperor simply vanished.

Bereft of his incredible might, the War Council and the Primarchs fought the Ullanor Orks to a bloody stalemate as Malcador launched investigation after investigation into the whereabouts of the Master of Mankind.

It was during this time, for a mere Terran hour, the Astronomican failed. Millions of lives and hundreds of ships were lost into the tempest of the Warp. How the guiding light of Terra was restored, none know. But warzones on the verge of success were thrown into disarray as promised reinforcements never arrived.

As the years of the Emperor’s absence built upon each other, new threats emerged. Some bold, others subtle. With each additional stress, the Imperium weakened, until one fateful day when one of the Emperor’s own sons chose a new master.

While there are many paths for the galaxy to follow, they are all heading towards Ruin.


Ladies and Gentlemen! The Five Ruins group is looking for new members to join our Alternate 40k Universe! Based on the immensely popular Warhammer 40k Universe we have adapted it and ourselves to a new story, currently working in the 30K era it’s packed with opportunities to create.

As a long-standing group we're currently building through our timeline with the eve of the First Ruin coming very soon. A wonderful opportunity to join and help build this AU up, you can take part in a variety of capacities, from helping one of the Legion writers and writing small stories, to filling in key slots in our roster to help guide the fate of certain factions and sub-factions within the universe.

With the project currently based in 30k as we ramp up to the First Ruin we would be looking for you to contribute in a number of flexible ways, possibly earning promotion and more involved responsibility with the effort you put in. The project can be a simple way to express your creativity in your spare time or something you put a lot of focus and effort into depending on how you wish to approach it.

We are currently looking for the following positions to be filled as major elements in the story:

-One positions to take over a currently existing legion in need of new leadership

-Several slots for Eldar and Necron leadership roles

-Unlimited space for creators who wish to contribute on a smaller scale or in support of the major faction writers


If you feel like any of the story so far has intrigued you, or one of the role openings has piqued your interest. feel free to contact Rowboat on the DISCORD SERVER for more information on joining the group, the roles and levels of responsibility and the major slots we have open to for you to take advantage of.

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Forces of the Five Ruins
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